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The Skerries Music Studio

Fiona Mullaney Vocal Coach

    Skerries Music Studio COVID-19 Studio Policy

To mitigate the risk of potential COVID-19 transmission of aerosols, the Skerries Music Studio is following current government advice which is to limit the numbers of singers and to provide a barrier/booth within a well ventilated space to allow for social distancing guidelines.

To allow for in-person singing lessons to resume this term, I have carried out a comprehensive risk assessment using the guidelines from the Independent Society for Musicians and Sing Ireland. 

Within the teaching studio a large singing pod/booth has been erected floor to ceiling with a separate ventilation (window).  The main part of the teaching studio has it’s own separate window ventilation.

Group classes are not available at this time as only one student is allowed in the studio at any given time.

It is essential that students arrive to lessons and depart from them in a timely fashion. (Parents are not able to sit in on lessons as there is not enough social distancing space to facilitate this)

Students must bring the minimum necessary equipment- music sheets, note books, pencil and rubber, recording device.


  • Students are requested to make their presence known by waving in the window and not to use the doorbell, knocker nor handle to the building to prevent cross contamination.


  • Students should arrive wearing their masks.  They should enter the pod where they are expected to use the hand sanitizer provided.  They should use the anti-bacterial spray to wipe down the music stand and window handle.  At this point they may remove their masks.



  • Once lesson is over, student will be requested to open window to ventilate pod
  • Students will be requested to use anti-bacterial spray to wipe down music stand and window handle.
  • Students will place their masks on and depart avoiding touching pod structure or door handles as teacher will open all doors.


If you or anyone in your family are unwell we can provide an online lesson at your allocated time to avoid potential risk.

Whilst toilet facilities are available, it is requested that students only use in an emergency, opting rather to visit the toilet at home or school prior to their lesson.